Living Foods Transition – The Necessity for it

Woman-holding-green-apple-uid-1341769-600x4004 years ago when I embarked onto a Living Foods Dietary Lifestyle, I tried various methods – beginning with the “Cold-Turkey” approach, falling off the wagon, climbing on again, settling for a middle balance, and eventually grounding my foothold today.

Like any other positive change in lifestyle, it is not easy. Food, has so many hidden factors emotional, social as well as spiritual factors tied to it. All these are unseen and unknown by most of us until we experience the changes within.

Over time as I foraged my blueprint on a Living Foods Lifestyle while maintaining an urban life, the need for a transition became clearly obvious.

We have done so much unnaturally things to ourselves that in order to De-Program and Re-Program properly, we need to go through transitional phases.

How long these phases last, the intensity and individual progresses, will vary largely on the background of each individual, the physical biological climate, social conditioning, and even emotional situation.

Over years of experience in coaching and giving classes, I’m convinced that the vast majority of people cannot sustainably change overnight; the ratio of those succeeding on cold-turkey approaches is only about 1 is to 100.

There are so many changes going on in a person’s body when we implement positive dietary changes. Everyone thinks its just the body. In actual fact, it is much deeper than that.

Food, has an irrevocable, undeniable and probably not entirely understood, relationship with our emotions and spiritual progress.

Even when we so much as clean up the diet, (even before living foods!) things can start to happen on all physiological, mental and emotional dimensions.

When we stop feeding the body junk, our body reactivates, cleans up and starts to heal. The mind clears up junk thoughts, getting rid of negative ideas and lower negative emotions are eradicated.

Can you see how simultaneously many things can happen at the same time?

Now, this should sound like good news, isn’t it?

Well, it is! Except that we humans have been so conditioned to the negative environments that we get thrown off balance when things become better!

You see, even when we have progressed for the better, if we have not cultivated and adjusted ourselves to be ready for the new goodness, we reject this new well-being constantly.

This happens on all 3 dimensions – from physiological to mental to emotions.

On the physical dimension, the body goes through intensive healing. If we put it on an over-night hardcore change into pure living foods, the system can go into shock! Even a positive shock is a shock to the system; and while the body may be working on top form, the huge release of emotional baggage starts to seep in and create havoc.

The trick to transitioning, is to allow the body little baby steps in transforming. While keeping one foot in his/her usual diet and lifestyle, the person cleans up say half his diet mildly and adds in simpler foods over time. As the physical body cleans up gently and slowly, emotional energies are released bit by bit.

This allows the body to adjust to the new sense of wellness, the emotions to clear as they release – therefore not causing any repercussion or rebounds.

Transformation is the key to our Future – and I believe that this Transformational Process is closely linked to food, which is our key Variable in Life. Manage this Variable well to achieve freedom, both physiologically and emotionally.

© Copyright 2008-2014, Linda Loo