Jonny Freesh – Raw Food & Rap Music Entwined so Sublime had started its first round of interviewing raw food chefs in Asia!

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Our very first featured raw food chef is Jonny Freesh!

Learn more about Jonny and his raw food classes at Bali in the following interview ^_^

Get excited for his desserts, which are heavenly gourmet!


1. Where do you come from and where are you based now?
Canada. Bali.

2. How many times have you circled the sun?

3. How did you become interested in raw foods?
After becoming unhealthy during university I quit drinking and partying.

Despite 7 months of supposedly healthy living I still didn’t feel good. Then I met a raw food and juice fasting enthusiast while traveling through, ironically, Indonesia, and I never looked back.

4. How long have you been a raw food eater?
Just under 2 years – I’m still a bit of a newb 🙂

5. Do you eat a high raw or an all-raw diet?
High Raw – I use a few cooked ingredients (mainly spices and flavorings) and I like to eat a cooked meal every 2 or 3 days.

6. How has your life changed after eating high/all-raw?
I’ve become so much more in touch with myself, my passions, my emotions. I’ve got my energy back. I’m motivated and inspired. I feel much more creative.

7. How do you handle temptation or social situations with people who are non-raw or even non-veg?
I sneak delicious Raw Food onto their plates and wait for them to exclaim that it’s the best thing they ate! For real though I just stay very conscious of the language used when people try to engage me in conversations about my lifestyle. If I pay close attention I can usually determine the underlying reason as to why they’re asking me about it and then avoid any of those nasty angry lifestyle conversations that can pop up.

8. What would you typically eat on any given day?
1 Smoothie or Juice. 1 Salad. 1 more gourmet, heavier Entree, and 1 dessert 🙂 And then i’ll snack on whatever leftovers are lying around.

9. Could you please describe for Rawfoodlifestyles readers your path to becoming a raw food chef/teacher?

I saw an advertisement for for sale on a Bali Expat forum when I was researching starting a business in Bali. This was a few months after I started eating mostly raw and juice fasting. I took it as a sign and jumped in the deep end. When I first bought it I organized classes with other chefs and assisted them, so I learned the ins and outs of teaching plus lots about the food. Then I took Elaina Love’s Raw Chef Certification course and started teaching after.

10. What were some of your challenges when you first started your journey?
Finding replacements for bread. That was my big unhealthy food craving.

11. How did you overcome them and what strategies did you use?
At first this really thick, fudgy Halva recipe that I make satisfied the craving. Then I learned how to make proper raw bread and that does the job!

12. What inspires you about preparing and eating raw food dishes?

Knowing that it makes me and so many other people feel better when they eat it.

13. Is there a secret to creating truly delicious raw meals and if so, what is it?
Raw Food always tastes better when good hip hop music is playing while it’s being made.That’s a fact, not an opinion 😉 Also, there’s no rules in my kitchen, and every Freeshing (that means to make raw food) session will produce tastier food if it’s a bit messy. Especially with chocolate.

14. What do you think is the best meal and/or recipe you’ve ever created and why?
This one Durian Passionfruit Pie because a Tantric Sex Teacher that ate it practically had an orgasm while eating it in the middle of a party of 20 people.

15. Are you involved in other lines of work apart from practising and teaching raw culinary arts?
At the moment no. Soon I will be moving more into music as I’ve just finished my first mixtape and am organizing concerts.

16. In 2013 you took over RawFoodBali. What inspired you to do so?

17. What is RawFoodBali’s goals and what does it offer to students?
Currently, I only use RawFoodBali at the moment as a site to promote my courses through.

Other than it’s main purpose is to provide free raw food information in Bali. My main focus is my new site, www.JonnyFreesh.Com, and the goal with it is to make Raw Food more fun, easy and accessible to the masses through delicious recipes and funky hip hop music.

18. What changes have you witnessed in your own life as a result of going raw (e.g. physical, spiritual, psychological, social, etc.)?
The usual physical ones, ie. weight loss, more energy, clearer skin and eyes. I’m much more sensitive to food now, in a good way. I can much more easily identify what food is good for me and what isn’t. Mentally I’ve recovered my intelligence, which I lost when I went to University. Emotionally I’m more in tune with my heart, though that is more attributed to the Men’s Circle I attend. Check out ManKindProject.Org if you’re interested fellows.

19. If you had to select a few high points of your raw life so far, what would you choose?
At first I though, shit, that’s a tough question. Then I remembered being served green juice out of a magnum champagne bottle in a bath tub filled with fruits, veggies and two beautiful girls at the music video shoot of my song All We Do (Is make Raw Chocolate). And then later on watching two more beautiful girls cover each other with liquid raw chocolate and lick it off each other. Every little vegan boy’s dream come true 😉

20. What kinds of experiences do you most try to evoke through your work and food?
Inspiration and tastiness. They go hand in hand. People eat something delicious that’s healthy and they feel inspired to follow suit. And most importantly, it’s always fun and easy. Eating and living healthy has to be fun mentally and emotionally for it to work.

21. Could you please share with Rawfoodlifestyles readers about your vision for RawFoodBali?
RawFoodBali is as it will stay for the foreseeable future. My vision for is it to be the ultimate resource for beginner and experienced Raw Foodies alike to find recipes, techniques, and most importantly, inspiration to live their ideal healthy lifestyle.

22. If you were to give one piece of advice to raw foodists or aspiring raw foodists, what would it be?
Everything’s better in a (W)rap. Seriously. Also, be easy on yourself. It’s okay if stuff happens that wasn’t part of the plan. It may end up being more valuable than stuff that was planned. Be really nice to yourself. You’ve chosen to change your lifestyle so that you feel better, not worse.

23. Would you be willing to share your favorite raw vegan recipe with rawfoodlifestyles readers?
I may have eclipsed this one since then but I haven’t moved all the recipes from my notebooks to my computer, and this one is definitely top 3 in terms of what I’ve got ready to share. I think you’ll appreciate it too, as a fellow Durian Lover 😉

Peanutbutter Durian pie

peanut butter durian pie


  • ½ cmacadamia nuts (soaked & dehydrated)
  • ½ c pinenuts (soaked & dehydrated)
  • ¼ cgojis
  • ¼ c driedcranberries pinch salt
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil


  • Filling ½ c durian flesh
  • ¼ c peanut butter (you can make raw peanut butter with jungle peanuts orreplace with almond butter if you don’t want to use roasted peanut butter)
  • ¼ c coconut oil pinch salt
  • ¼ c liquid sweetener of choice
  • ¼ c coconut meat
  • ¼ tsp vanilla extract
  • ¾ cup almonds (soaked & dehydrated) – ½ c inside, ¼ c garnish


    1. Blitz Macadamia Nuts and Pine Nuts in food processor until well crumbled.
    2. Add remaining crust ingredients and blitz until the mixture compresses between yourfingers.
    3. Wipe down Pie Tin (7.5″ diameter, 1″ high) with coconut oil and then press crustinto it.
    4. Blend all filling ingredients except almonds until smooth and creamy.
    5. Pour half the filling into the crust, followed by ½ cup of the almonds, and then therest of the filling on top.
    6. Use the remaining ¼ cup of almonds for garnish.

Jonny Freesh is a lover of Raw Food and Hip Hop, who shares his passions by interweaving them in a fun, tasty way.

He just finished his first Mixtape, teaches Raw Food Courses in Ubud, and is planning a tour of the world to share his

food and music through Raw Food Workshop Concerts.

Get in touch with Jonny via the following sites: