Divine Durian Smoothie

Packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants, Durians are often called a Superfood. Personally, I think it’s taste and flavor is amazing enough to be called Super, nutrition is simply the icing on the cake!

Basically all Durians are wickedly delicious, but if you can, go for the organic ones grown without too much artificial fertilizers.

Here are some tips on how to identify them:

1. They usually come in small sizes.

2. Try to stay away from the really expensive and high end ones, because they are the ones that are usually most heavily sprayed.

3. If it is a new monger, try just 1 or 2 seeds first. The heat in organic durians usually pass fairly quickly – in 1 hour or so.

4. This is my favorite – whenever there is a chance, observe the flies and ants nearby! If they are swarming over eagerly and stay, I do too! The signs of insects usually indicate there are no or little pesticides used.

Of course, these are not all going to be fool-proof, but at least they are some precaution steps. We already live in a world where too many chemicals are used for our own good; let’s try our best not to let them into our body too.

And even if we cannot avoid ALL of them, making an effort to minimize and avoid them will surely benefit us.

And here’s a simple but very delicious Durian Smoothie recipe for you!

*3 cups Durian Flesh
*1 cup Ripened Red Dragon Fruit (cubed & frozen)
*1 cup Organic Greens (any green leaves except water-cress and radish tops)
*½ cup Coconut Juice

Blend away and enjoy this wholesome indulgence! A great way to squeeze extra greens into your diet in an awesome smoothie; both the greens and coconut juice will balance some of the heat from Durians.

See you in Durian-Land!

© Copyright, Linda Loo, Light Love Laughter