Contra-indications of the Living Foods Lifestyle

“Are there any side effects to your Raw Food Diet? Is it inconvenient or anti-social?”

Woman-holding-apple-beside-the-word-health-uid-1278829-600x400Yes plenty, and extremely inconvenient, I tell them! For the benefit of those who have been itching to ask, and never had the chance to, read on to pre-empt yourself. It’s good to know what you are getting yourself into before venturing further 🙂

1) Cell renewal rate shoots up exponentially. Your fingernails and toenails may decide to take on an entirely new speed of growth, sometimes even shocking! I now trim my nails every 5-7 days, and so do many of my participants, students and friends – they all report experiencing the same thing.

So, if you are not prepared to set aside 5 min to trim your nails often, forget about getting more nutrition into your body. Just stick with the junk, and the nails will grow at the same speed, and even slow down as you age and metabolism declines.

2) Hair growth speeds up like never before. You’ll get darker, fuller and shinier hair compared to previously. And plus, they grow faster, giving you a new task of trimming or maintaining them. Over the past 4 years, my hair has been steadily turning black (I’ve had white hairs since 10 years old), growing faster and thicker. My hairstylist has become one of my best friends now because I see him every 3 weeks once, and other than myself, he touches my head most frequently.

Those of you who prefers to have graying, thinning, slow growing, and flimsy hair, be informed that the living foods lifestyle cannot serve you well. This nutrient dense diet will feed and boost all your regeneration systems, the living Yoga practices will shoot extraordinary amounts of oxygen into each and every cell, that it is impossible NOT to regenerate rapidly.

3) Sudden drop in unwanted flab and cellulite. The only diet in the world, which delivers supreme nutrients, contains fair amount of fat, and taste divine, is the living foods diet. No starvation, so you indulge all your senses and taste buds; plenty of good essential fats so you feel satiated and have no cravings; and an end result of excess fat loss. The amazing part is that this happens so automatically, that you don’t even know what hit you.

Those who wish to hang onto the 5 years old cellulite because of sentimental value, or in order to fit into the fat jeans, be aware that this lifestyle may cause you to have to shop for new sexy clothing to compliment that new attractive physique of yours.

4) Shocking radiance and glow on the face and all over the skin. This dewy, beautiful shine is a result of detoxification and nutrient boost – both from raw foods and Yoga breathing. People may not recognize you; your friends may become jealous of your new-found youth, even the salon promoters feel intimidated to sell you anything because they feel your skin is better than theirs. And even this – some of your friends may jokingly complain, “Can you stop turning younger each time we see you? Its so irritating!”

5) Brain efficiency shoots up. Scientists say most people use less than 10% of our brains the entire lifetime. Seems like diet and lifestyle has a huge impact on this theory.

Incorporate the raw food lifestyle – with living foods and living Yoga, you’ll find yourself experiencing higher brainpowers. You discover all of a sudden that you can work at twice the speed you used to, and yet connect deeply with more people than ever. You may even find you can sing like a bird, write poems better than Casanova, or develop a keen interest in playing the piano.

Nothing to be alarmed about anyway – you have always meant to be a great being. We just forgot conveniently; and living foods lifestyle simply puts us back to our original mode.

Just like how we send a corrupted hard drive to the factory, do a re-configuration, and reset the settings back to default mode.

This is exactly what happens when a person goes onto a raw food lifestyle of living foods and Yoga.

So, to answer your question – yes of course there are disadvantages. There will be changes, because you now feel and look better, function better, you are truly ALIVE. You are more energetic, more beautiful, radiant, creative and talented. And so your current activities may not serve you any more. There will be peers along the way who do not believe in you, and what you do. So there may be inconvenience, in adjusting your mentality towards accepting them while maintaining your individuality.

Lastly, I wish to end with my take – actually, these are not at all disadvantages. In fact, all the above mentioned are valuable gifts which I’d found from the raw food lifestyle. I can never imagine living any other way. So why do I still call them “contra-indications”?

Because many people who asked these questions are actually looking for disadvantages. What do you get when you look for negatives? You get negatives of course! Person A can never see what Person B is seeing and experiencing if A stubbornly refuse to budge on his belief, and adamantly defends his view to death.

Wanna take a peek at how awesome life can be? Just give your body a chance to experience living foods, stop attacking the body, and marvel at how great you can be. 🙂

Cheers to a New World of Embracing Diversity!

© Linda Loo