The common sense of Raw Foods

The Oxford Dictionary defines food as “Any substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb to maintain life and growth”.

Let’s break it down a bit:

1) “Maintain Life”
So, a food is a qualified food if it achieves the purpose of maintaining life. So then, what is Life?

According to our Oxford Dictionary, “Life” = The ability (of humans and animals and plants) to grow, breathe and reproduce. If the conventional foods which we have been eating all these decades are the “qualified” foods, then they should be giving us “Life”, ie. we should have been thriving as a planet, with low incidences of degenerative diseases isn’t it?

And what is the current world situation?

Pandemic diseases, degenerative diseases like cancer and diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and so on. It seems like the list is not only never ending, but appears to be increasing. Our conventional diets are apparently making us degenerate (as opposed to grow), poor breathing (environmental pollution, stress, lung diseases etc). This is especially so in the more evolved urban cities – and worse still, child miscarriages have increased while fertility rates have decreased.

2) “Grow”

The definition of “Grow” = “Increase in size and changing physically, become greater over time, germinate and develop” is what the Oxford says.

Logic suggests that this “Grow” should be on a positive note – ie. the direction of growth should be towards the greater good, improvements in physique, health, wellness, more brain power etc.

We could also interpret it as an indication of growth towards better health, development of the mind and brain, and evolution as a human being to reach our maximum potential.

Speaking of which, by the way, humans are nowhere near even 10% of our maximum potential and capability – in terms of physical and mental development at least.

Doing the same thing over and over again, living the same lifestyle and eating the same foods which have caused us to be sick today, while hoping that things will change, is pure madness to me.

Therefore, does it makes sense that as we grow older in biological age, our bodies fail, immunity drops, looks deteriorate and mind becomes inactive? And can you see that most people have to rely increasingly on prescription drugs, vaccines and pills as they get older?

In my opinion, we are not born to battle with diseases, deal with synthetic drugs nor spend our whole lives working for money. We are all born for a greater purpose.

So, how does Living Foods make sense?

Living Foods = Living Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidants, Phytonutrients, Simple Sugars, Chlorophyl, Oxygen, Amino acids, Water, Fiber and these are all intact.

They are not destroyed by heat, not mutated with heavy processes, not adulterated with malicious condiments and seasonings. Raw vegan foods itself, is a complete source of food for humans.

These living foods, if planted in soil, will grow. Just like humans! If you cut off the branch of a tree, it regrows. When we scratch our skin or cut ourselves, the wounds heal!

In other words, we SELF-REGENERATE. Do you have any idea how powerful this marvelous machine is? I’m still discovering for myself and I continue to be amazed with it.

The dictionary did not say that food should be “cooked”, “baked” or “square” etc. It simply refers to food as substances which support live and growth in living organisms.

What happens when we eat processed foods, like when we eat a pizza, is that our body has to work so hard to extract the meagre (if any at all) nutrients from it, and detox a whole load of by-products junk. Just think for a moment – does that help us to regenerate or degenerate?

And what happens when we eat a fresh living apple, banana or avocado? The living nutrients get delivered to our cells directly, no toxic by-products of digestion are produced and your body can function in tip top condition.

Do living foods enable an organism to “breathe”? Yes! Plant foods have plenty of oxygen and chlorophyll.

Do living foods enable “growth” and “regeneration”? Yes! Uncooked vegan foods have LIFE in them! The very fact that some people have used raw foods to heal “incurable” diseases, is pure evidence that raw foods enable self-regeneration.

Living foods fit the definition of food completely; it just makes so much sense. You have power over your health, you always do; take that power back right now.

© Copyright Linda Loo, Light Love Laughter

Raw Food Fun Facts – Research Evidences and Clinical Papers

1) Dr Edward Howell (Author of Enzyme Nutrition)

WHERE – Medical License from State of Illinois in 1924, a private practice doctor.
WHAT – Discovered that enzyme levels are almost non-existent in cooked foods.
HOW – The heating of foods beyond 115 degrees F destroys enzymes.

2) Dr Gabriel Cousens

WHERE –, World recognized medical researcher, acupuncturist and homeopath.
WHAT – Conducted a clinical experiment in 2006 on diabetics.
HOW – Advocates raw foods for its healing properties.

3) Dr John Douglass

WHERE – Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center, LA.
WHAT – Experiment of raw foods on excess weight and hypertension – details from the Southern Medical Journal, Jul 1985 Vol 78, Issue 7.
HOW – Results of the experiment included successful weight loss, cessation of alcohol and smoking addictions.

4) Dr Max Gerson (Founder of Gerson’s Institute)

WHAT – Wrote “The cure of advanced cancer by diet therapy: a summary of 30 yrs of clinical experimentation,” published in Physiol Chem Phys (1978, Vol 10, Issue 5).
HOW – Concluded that even advanced stages of cancer respond favorably to a diet of raw fruits, vegetables and raw-liver-derived active oxidizing enzymes, with no fats, oils or animal proteins.

5) Dr Abramowski

WHERE – Author of “Fruitarian Diet” and “Physical Rejuvenation”.
WHAT – Using a raw vegan diet, he completely healed himself from hardening of arteries and loss of vigor. Compared the results of treating patients with cooked food and drugs vs fresh fruit and no drugs.
HOW – The experiment was terminated several weeks later due to objection from his lead nurse because the drugs and cooked foods appeared to be killing the first group!

6) Dr Edmond Szekely

WHERE – Author of “The Chemistry of Youth”,
WHAT – Long term study over 33 years on 123,600 people (1937-1970) on a raw diet.
HOW – 90% of the participants achieved amazing improvements in health.

7) Prof Karl Eimer

WHERE – Director of Medical Clinic (University of Vienna).
WHAT – Compared the same group of athletics, using the same intensive training methods, between 2 weeks of cooked food diet vs 2 weeks of 100% raw food diet.
HOW – Every athletic improved in reflec speed, flexibility and stamina. Concluded that cellular respiration and efficiency increase on a raw diet.