Green Smoothie Power – Your Best Defense for Immunity

The best defense we have against any flu virus is not vaccines, nor supplements, but our own natural immunity system. We are born with the natural ability to repair, rejuvenate and restore our body. As long as we are living in line with Nature’s laws, there is no need to fear mutated flu viruses anymore than the common cold.

Ever notice how our grand-parents and their grand-parents lived so much stronger and healthier than the later generations? Their immunity seemed to be so much better than ours, and most importantly they definitely never experienced mutant diseases back then. Something we had been doing all this while obviously is not working out for us.

We seemed to have been digging our graves with forks and spoons.

To restore the body’s immunity system, the only sustainable way is to nourish and rebuild the body. Like TCM’s approach, raw foods seek to nourish and enable the internal organs to perform their functions – leading to healing. Vaccines cannot solve the problem for good because vaccines aim at fighting and killing off the virus. Vaccines cannot nourish nor strengthen the body. When the root of the problem is not solved, the problem will recur repeatedly. It’s a matter of time before the next virus attack, diseases, and then more vaccines.

To get out of our graves, we need to first stop digging. We need to change our actions leading to our current predicament. To do that means to stop doing the very things which are failing us and substitute that with something which works.

If there is truly a super-food that is worthy of its name, it has to be the Green Smoothie! Green smoothies are packed with chlorophyll, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids to build muscle, and simple sugars for fuel. It is fresh, biologically “living” and brimming with life-force! Where else can you find such a powerful combination?

Anyone starting on a regime of daily green smoothies will see significant changes in their health within a short period of time. There are already countless testimonials and living examples of real people reversing health conditions using purely green smoothies and a sensible diet. Brighter eyes, radiant skin, improved immunity, weight loss, improved stamina etc.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why actually. Drinking green smoothies is simply a faster and delicious way of getting a large amount of fresh greens and fruits into the body. In other words, you take in substantially larger quantities of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants than before. And it is done in the way which nature intended, ie. everything is taken in whole with no isolation of components.

Tasty, healthy, alkalizing, nourishing and beautifying. There is no reason not to rejoice over Green Smoothies. Every single time I make my favorite green smoothie, I can’t wait to gobble it all down, and usually I am already half way through while washing the blender! No kidding!

Cheers to the Green Smoothie, and Bottoms Up! 🙂

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Raw Food Diet: Why Is Drinking Green Smoothies Essential For Health

Drinking blended greens is essential to optimal health for everyone – regardless of the predominant diet which the person is eating.

Today, Greens occupy a tiny section of most supermarkets, but yet these are humble power houses which gives us life, healing powers and precious nourishment.

The magic of Green leaves from plants lie in their ability to turn energy from the sun into nutrients and oxygen through photosynthesis.

It has been proven in research that chlorophyll can oxygenate, rejuvenate body cells and even cure degenerative diseases. When we consume greens, our cells are nourished with oxygen which enables them to heal and perform at optimum.

When cells are oxygenated properly, cell respiration becomes strong and steady – resulting in an alkaline environment.

An alkaline PH is vital for maximum health while cancer cells grows and multiplies in an acidic body.

Greens provide us with insoluble fiber which is important for elimination. It is impossible to eliminate properly without enough fiber in the diet. Most conventional cooked and meat based diet provide insufficient fiber.

When fiber is lacking, the body’s natural ability to eliminate malfunctions and that’s when the skin takes on the tough task of detoxification. The skin is the best indicator of how clean the body is internally!

Why then a Green Smoothie?
The blending action breaks down the cellular walls of greens and fruits, thus releasing valuable minerals, vitamins and other phytonutrients. These are then delivered to individual cells which are ready for assimilation. Your body is relieved of the digestive burden but yet at the same time, probably taking in much more nutrients than most of the other meals of the day!

Most people are not able to consume greens in sufficient amounts because of low stomach acid levels. By blending, you have already broken down the food particles into a perfect size for absorption. This allows your body to produce lower stomach acid but yet not suffer from indigestion problems.

Things to look out for when consuming green smoothies:

Rotate Greens
It is imperative to rotate the greens you take, just like with any other fruit or vegetable. Nature has it such that not one single fruit, vegetable or green has the full spectrum of health giving benefits for humans.

You will know that this is true when you keep on eating the same green or fruit day after day. After some time, you may find that the food loses its appeal or taste less delicious to you.

Fresh is always best
The best time to have your green smoothie is right after it is poured out from your blender! In a humid country like Singapore, green smoothies do not keep well.

Even if you store it in the fridge, it is not advisable to leave it overnight, because the taste always deteriorates.

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Highly recommended reading for more information on Green Smoothies:

Victoria Boutenko has done some awesome research on green smoothies and their effect on health. Find out how essential green smoothies help us achieve optimal health in her famous book “Green For Life”

The Magic of Greens – 8 Benefits of Drinking Green Smoothies

Do you want to feel happy, peaceful, calm and in control no matter what happens? Do you wish that somehow, you know a way to stop all those crazy cravings for sweet, fatty snacks at erratic times of the day?

Greens are leaves which contain chlorophyll, and they are probably the most neglected food group in the entire supermarket.

But yet it is these humble green warriors which does magic for our cells.

Why is drinking a green smoothie better than just eating greens?

Because the blending actually breaks down the cellular walls of the leaves, leaving you with the finest particles of nutrients which are delivered straight to your cells.

And of course, all these living nutrients are still intact and not destroyed by heating.

1) You feel calm and peaceful
The chlorophyll in greens deliver oxygen to your cells and puts the body in a slightly alkaline state. This is a state in which optimal health is required and which cancer cells do not thrive.

Degenerative diseases like cancer thrives and grow in an acidic state.

2) You feel happy for no reason
A healthy body is a happy body. Research has proven that subjects whom are in optimal health condition still feel in control and calm even in the face of seemingly tough life events; while those who are not, tend to feel unhappy even when they are rewarded with promotions or striking the lottery.

3) You adopt a more positive outlook in life
Things which you used to sweat over now seem smaller. You have grown in capacity to handle things because your body is now constructed with newer, better materials.

And did I mention that your cells are rejoicing with the change?

4) Get rid of Unnecessary Addictions
Your body is made up of billions of tiny cells. Every cell is You, they combine to make up your tissues, organs, bones, face, hair, legs etc.

When nutrition is improved, the body is strengthened on a cellular level.

When your cells know what it is like to receive first class nutrition, they will not want to go back to the old ways!

They will resist old substances like nicotine which does not do the body good.

5) Beautiful and Radiant Skin
Do you want smooth, blemish-free skin? Within weeks of constant drinking blended greens, countless subjects reported lightening of spots, smoother skin and radiant complexion.

6) Smooth Bowels
This is probably the most common benefit experienced by far. Blended greens add a whole lot of fiber to the diet, and fiber is essential for smooth bowel movements.

Constipation now becomes a thing of the past!

7) Energy, Energy and more Energy!
If you think that green smoothies cannot give you energy for that workout, think again! Or better still, try it before you judge it.

It is true that due to the low caloric levels of greens, they cannot fill us for long. But the trick here is to combine it with sweet fruits – which supplies us with simple sugars.

This is one of the best pre-workout food which supplies us simple sugars to burn immediately as fuel.

8) Release Unwanted Weight!
For those who have reached a plateau in releasing weight, try this!

When your cells are nourished, cravings for unhealthy food become lesser or non-existent. Proper nourishment of the cells is vital to maintaining a healthy weight.

This list is non-exhaustive, and we at Light Love Laughter Academy believe that “doing” is more important than anything else! So here’s a simple green smoothie recipe for you.

Popeye’s Mango
2 Large Sweet Mangoes
1 Cup Spinach
1 Cup Filtered Water

When you are done, don’t look, just drink. You will marvel at how delicious it actually tastes!

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