3 Biggest Mistakes of a Raw Vegan Diet


3 Biggest Mistakes of a Raw Vegan Diet

For almost a decade, I had been using (and still do) raw foods as a tool to forward my sadhana (sanskrit word for spiritual cultivation). Watching and coaching many others, clients and friends alike to do the same, I could say there are 3 big mistakes to avoid if you are serious about making raw foods work for you:

1. Not enough quality plant Fats

Fats, are important for us on almost every level. We need fats to hold and cushion our internal organs against impact. We need fats for proper absorption of essential minerals, for proper skin, bone and hair formations. Essential fats also ensure a smooth transmission process between brain neurons i.e. thought and cognitive processes.

Over the years of coaching, we had seen people undertaking a low fat raw vegan diet, leading to less than optimal states of functionality. Some of them include character instability and emotional fluctuations; the moment we added good raw plant fats into the diet, the person stabilizes and grounds back.

So, don’t skimp on the raw fats. Include lots of ripe avocados, coconuts, coconut oil, organic olives into your diet.

2. Not enough Chlorophyl

In our raw food pyramid, greens form the base layer. Chlorophyl is the most healing substance on Earth. Superior to any anti biotics, pain killers, anesthetics and other synthetic medicines, Chlorophyl is a natural gift from Mother Nature. Thus it does not create problems like synthetic meds do.

One noteworthy point, is to make sure digestion is not compromised. Most people can’t take large amounts of raw greens. If this is the case, good options would be to blend, juice and marinate/ferment the greens. If these options are not available, then taking a quality concentrated form of Chlorophyl like liquid plankton or a super green powder is a best choice.

3. Not maintaining a Sattvic dominant diet

Citing wisdoms from ancient Yogic texts, which exists thousands of years BC, there are essentially 3 natures of matter – Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic.

Briefly, Sattvic means fluid, lucid, light natures; Rajasic means passionate, activity driven, desires and energies of movement; while Tamasic means natures of heaviness, dullness and darkness.

Our universe is made up of these 3 categories of matter, and they consistently combine, separate and recombine towards equilibrium.
For our human body to function optimally, the diet has to be that of a predominant Sattvic nature. When any one quality is increased, the other 2 natures automatically recede.

If you are practicing Yoga and want to refine your Sadhana, a diet dense in Sattvic foods is useful. Some examples of Sattvic foods include raw greens and vegetables, fruits and sprouts.

Examples of Rajasic foods include spices, or anything that excites the taste buds and makes the heart rate increases. Tamasic foods include meat, flesh products, alcohol, and other heavily cooked/processed foods that weigh the mind and spirit down.

Balance is very important, regardless of the diet we are using. If a raw vegan diet is suddenly too much Sattvic, it could cause certain imbalances too, especially if the person is living in the city, and the body is not yet ready for quick transformations. In this case, using spices to slightly reduce the Sattvic nature, increasing the Rajasic nature, could bring much balance to the person’s life.

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